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Friday, November 11, 2011

New PHS COI Rule - Memo from Vice Provost for Research Martin Wybourne

From: Martin N. Wybourne
          Vice Provost for Research
          Francis and Mildred Sears Professor of Physics
To: Principal Investigators & Administrators
Subject: New PHS COI Rule

As you might be aware, on August 25, 2011 the Department of Health and Human Services published new rules for the disclosure and management of significant financial interests of investigators (see: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/policy/coi/). These are the first revisions to the regulations since 1995 and will require changes in our existing policies and procedures regarding conflict of interest, as well as the introduction of newly required components, such as mandatory training and reporting. Dartmouth has until August 24, 2012 to comply with these new rules.

I have established a Task Force, chaired by Duane Compton, Senior Associate Dean for Research at DMS, to make recommendations for the necessary revisions to the current Conflict of Interest Policies for research, and the operational issues, including resources, needed for compliance. The Task Force membership is listed below. I have asked the Task Force to work closely with the Council on Sponsored Activities, the Conflict of Interest Committee, and my office as it develops recommendations. I have asked for final recommendations to be submitted to the Provost by January 6, 2012.

We will keep you informed of progress, and I am available to answer questions or take comments as we move forward.

Task Force Membership:
  • Duane Compton ­ Senior Associate Dean for Research, DMS - Chair
  • Leslie Henderson ­ COIC Chair, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, DMS
  • Richard Enelow ­ Professor of Medicine, Professor of Microbiology
  • Howard Hughes ­ CPHS Chair, Professor Psychological and Brain Sciences
  • Ian Baker ­ COIC member, Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Thayer School
  • Lori Sostowski ­ General Counsel
  • Jill Mortali ­ Director OSP
  • Susan Adams ­ Director CPHS Office
  • Tina Noonan ­ Director Clinical Trials Office
  • Liz Bankert ­ Assistant Provost
  • Glennis Gold ­ Assistant Director, Technology Transfer Office

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