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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Methods for Diagnosis and Prognosis of Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries

GE and the National Football League invite proposals for technologies and imaging biomarkers that address identification and management of subclinical and mild traumatic brain injury.
Specific focus areas for this challenge include:
 Development and validation of imaging and/or sensor based biomarkers that can aid in the diagnosis and prognosis of mild traumatic brain injury events. These include imaging biomarkers of brain structure, connectivity, function, cognition, neuroinflammation, and molecular markers.
 Development of new technologies that are more sensitive to small contusions and injuries that are missed by current technologies; and assessing the long-term chronic impact of these events.
 Improved algorithms for the quantification and visualization of markers of brain injury severity and longitudinal change.
 Algorithms and tools that link imaging data to clinical, cognitive, and biomechanical data.
 Models of individual risk and long-term prognosis and clinical decision support tools using population studies
Robust methods for triaging acute stage events and developing “Return to Play” guidelines using physiological, molecular, electrical or physical changes in brain or body functions.


QUESTIONS? Visit us at www.NFLGEBrainChallenge.com

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