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Thursday, June 13, 2013

NIAID News: Unfunded? Repurpose Your Application


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In the event your application doesn't fare well, e.g., scores outside the payline, keep this in mind: just because it was not funded doesn't necessarily mean it's not useable.
Before discarding it, consider repurposing it since you can sometimes breathe new life into an unfunded application.
Here we give you some basics on how to do that along with some advice on whether going the repurposing route is right for you.
Note: repurposing is just one of three basic options you have when your application is unfunded. For the other two, see Options if Your Application Isn't Funded, linked below.
Repurpose or Start Fresh?
Before we talk about how to repurpose, let's address whether you should. Sometimes an application may be so flawed or unfixable that repurposing wouldn't be worth it.
To decide whether that's the case, look dispassionately at your summary statement and assess what reviewers thought were defects in your application.
For instance, was it criticized for a lack of significance, critical preliminary data, or expert collaborators? Was it because of a weak central hypothesis? Or perhaps you applied to a request for applications (RFA) or program announcement (PA) and your application was deemed to be nonresponsive.
Talk with your program officer to get the answers and see if he or she has further insights. Together, determine whether the better approach is repurposing or starting from scratch. We advise you not to make this decision on your own.

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