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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Medical Research Grants

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation works directly with physicians and scientists to identify the specific challenges faced in bringing new treatments to children with cancer. This careful distribution of grants has allowed doctors to bring the latest and most promising life saving treatments to seriously ill children.

'A' Award Grant

This award is a three year grant totaling $375,000 and is designed for young scientists who want to jump-start their career in pediatric oncology research. The ideal candidate has an original project, can demonstrate outstanding mentorship and has a strong future commitment to pediatric cancer investigation. These awards are open to MD, MD/PhD and PhD candidates.
Eligibility Criteria
Proposals must be aligned with ALSF‟s mission and „A‟ Award program goals. Applicants may have their M.D., Ph.D. or dual M.D., Ph.D. and must not have achieved an appointment higher than assistant professor. In addition,
 M.D. and M.D., Ph.D. Applicants
o M.D. or M.D., Ph.D. applicants must be no more than 6 years after finishing 3-year fellowship at the time the award would start (i.e., if the fellowship ended in 2007 or later, applicant is eligible for 2013 „A‟ Award) and be no more than 9 years after receiving the first professional degree (Ph.D, M.D., D.O., MBBS or equivalent at the time the award would start.
o M.D. candidates who did not do a 3-year fellowship must have 3 years of research experience after M.D. was awarded and be no more than 9 years after receiving M.D at the time the award would start.
 Ph.D. Applicants
o Ph.D. applicants must be no more than 6 years since being awarded Ph.D. (i.e., if Ph.D. is awarded in 2007 or 
later, applicant is eligible for 2013 „A‟ Award). A minimum of 75% of the applicant‟s time during „A‟ Award must be allocated as protected time for all research
Other funding: Applicants holding K99/R00, R01 are not eligible. Applicants MAY have other research grants during the „A‟ Award period, but there must be clear documentation of mechanisms to avoid scientific and/or budgetary overlap.
Applicants currently funded by ALSF are not eligible for an 'A' Award.
Applicants who have applied for a 2012 or 2013 Young Investigator, Innovation, Program Infrastructure or 
Epidemiology Award are not eligible for a 2013 „A‟ Award.
A mentoring plan for career development must be clearly articulated with appropriate letters of support.Funds must be granted to nonprofit institutions or organizations operating in the United States or Canada.Researchers need not be U.S. citizens.  Applications are due September 16, 2013.

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