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Monday, September 2, 2013

D. Kim Foundation Invites Applications for Fellowships/Grants for Historical Research of Science, Technology in East Asia

The Foundation provides fellowships and grants to support graduate students and young scholars who are working in the history of science and technology in East Asia from the beginning of the 20th century, regardless of their nationality, origins, or gender. Comparative studies of East Asia and the West as well as studies in related fields (mathematics, medicine and public health) are also welcome. English is the official language of the Foundation. All application materials (including sample chapters, papers or essays) should be written in English. All publications, workshops, and meetings that the Foundation supports use English only.

The deadline for the receipt of fellowship applications is December 15, 2013. Successful recipients will be notified by e-mail in late-January. The fellowship term is September 1 through August 31, but can be adjusted with permission from the foundation. If a recipient receives another fellowship or grant, he/she must report it to the foundation. The foundation may adjust the amount of the fellowship award accordingly.

Post-doctoral Fellowship: One fellowship (up to $55,000) will be awarded annually to a distinguished young scholar who has received his/her doctoral degree within the previous 5 years. Applicants should include an invitation letter from their host institution; the host institution cannot be changed without permission from the foundation.

Dissertation Fellowship: One or two fellowships (up to $25,000 each) will be awarded annually to Ph.D candidates who are writing their dissertations. Applicants should include at least two draft chapters with their application.


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