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Friday, September 6, 2013

Sackler-Caird Fellowship

The National Maritime Museum offers a major fellowship generously sponsored by the Sackler Foundation to fund research of significance and originality in any field of the Museum’s subjects and collections. The Fellowship is primarily intended to allow established researchers, already in post at an academic institution, to devote themselves to a sustained period of research lasting for up to two years.

Research at the National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum holds well over two million maritime-related objects in its collections, the vast majority of which are manuscripts. The collections stretch from the Tudor period to the present day with the greatest strengths lying in the 18th and 19th centuries. The non-manuscript collectionsinclude: oil paintings, prints and drawings, charts, maps and atlases, ship plans and ship models, historic photographs, clocks and chronometers, navigational, astronomical and scientific instruments, weapons, uniforms, flags and artefacts.
The Museum is a Public Repository, holding some 9,000 official volumes of Admiralty records in addition to the extensive shipping company archives and personal papers connected to members of the Royal Navy and merchant service. The Caird Library and Archive is the largest dedicated maritime library in the world and holds an important collection of rare books and manuscripts, largely in English. More information on the collections, and the catalogue of printed books and manuscripts, can be found in our Collections pages.
The Museum’s collections have long been considered of central importance to the study of naval and maritime history. More recently, the Museum has been active in its support of the growing interdisciplinary approaches to maritime history through its own curatorial research and its fellowship, conference, seminar and publication programmes.

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