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Thursday, October 17, 2013

National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Planetary Mission Data Analysis (ROSES 2013) -- Deadline Extended

The objective of the Planetary Mission Data Analysis Program (PMDAP) is to increase significantly the scientific return of Planetary Science Division missions by broadening the scientific participation in the enhancement of archived data collected by those missions. In addition, this program supports the restoration and archiving of unarchived or incomplete mission datasets, the digitization of nondigital data, and the production of higher-order mission data products. The PMDAP also supports the use of archived planetary data from other NASA and non-NASA missions.
  • Notice of Intent: Aug. 16, 2013
  • Proposal: Mar. 31, 2014 (was Oct. 11, 2013)
The proposal due date for this program has been delayed because of the Government shutdown. The proposal due date in tables two and three has been changed to TBD. When the Government resumes business, the tables will be updated with a new due date. The reference to proposals being due three days after the shutdown ends has been removed, as that was in the email in error. During the Government shutdown NASA personnel will not be available to answer questions, but the NSPIRES help line will be open.
The official announcement and description of this opportunity may be found on the funding agency's website:
Planetary Mission Data Analysis (ROSES 2013) -- Deadline Extended

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