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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation Fellowship Programs The Fellowship in Child and Adolescent ADHD & The Fellowship in Child and Adolescent Depression


The Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation awards research grants to post-doctoral investigators at esteemed American medical institutions.  At its establishment in 1998, the Foundation funded research fellowships in Child and Adolescent depression.  In 2007, the Foundation expanded the Program to include funding for research in Child and Adolescent ADHD.

Each year, the Klingenstein Third Generation Foundation makes up to four grants to medical institutions that have nominated research projects led by outstanding post-doctoral candidates.  The Foundation considers proposals for research projects in the field of child and adolescent ADHD and child and adolescent depression.  The grant awards are for $30,000 per year for two years, and the primary investigator is awarded the title of KTGF Fellow in ADHD or KTGF Fellow in Depression. 

The Foundation particularly wishes to support two-year research projects that could lead to larger projects worthy of federal funding and other national research awards.  Institutions should, therefore, nominate candidates who have strong evidence of independent research ability and who are planning a career in research related to child and adolescent psychiatry. 
The Foundation expects institutions to nominate post-doctorial investigators holding a Ph.D. and/or M.D. who have also completed all clinical training.  As a general rule, nominated candidates should be at the junior faculty level, although the Foundation will consider applications nominating candidates in research training programs.  Investigators who have already received R01 awards from NIMH are not eligible for nomination. Investigators who have K awards or have applied for K awards are eligible for nomination, as are investigators who have not applied for Ks and hope to use a KTGF fellowship as a stepping stone to a K award or other funding. While fellows may be selected prior to receipt of IRB approval, no fellowship award is finalized until such approval is received.

The Foundation accepts nominations only from the Chair of Departments of Psychiatry.  Each medical institutional must select only one research project and investigator for nomination per fellowship.  In addition to the Department Chair’s endorsement, the Foundation also requires a mentor to sponsor the project and investigator.  The Department Chair may serve as a mentor. 
The Foundation runs a two-stage selection process.  In its first round—the nomination entry—the Foundation requires institutions to nominate its selected project and primary investigator.  If the institution satisfies the nomination requirements, the Foundation will invite the institution to its second round, the full fellowship application.   

The fellowship application is reviewed by a Selection Committee, which is comprised of members of the Foundation’s Scientific Advisory Board.  Fellowship applications are judged on originality, soundness, contribution to progress within the field, the quality of institutional support, and the mentoring and training plan, among other factors.

Feedback will be given on all applications and candidates may reapply. KTGF offers feedback with the hope that it will be helpful in advancing each applicant’s research career.  The feedback will reflect some of the most salient responses from the selection committee but it is not intended as a comprehensive summary. For those who reapply, KTGF cannot predict either the level of funding or the quality or number of future applications.  Therefore, KTGF cannot assure future submissions will be successful, even if they address the concerns reflected in the feedback.
Full instructions for the nomination entry and fellowship application can be found at For Applicants.
The schedule for our application process is as follows:
October:The nomination round is opened online
January:Nominations are due January 10, 2014 at midnight EST
February: Fellowship Applications are invited
April: Fellowship Applications are due March 21, 2014 at midnight EST
May: Awards are announced

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Foundation at info@ktgf.org and we will respond promptly.

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