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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

U.S. Shutdown Fallout Continues as Agencies Reschedule Grant Panels

21 October 2013 4:00 pm From Science Insider
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U.S. Shutdown Fallout Continues as Agencies Reschedule Grant Panels
National Science Foundation/National Institutes of Health
Research agencies are spelling out how the 16-day U.S. government shutdown has affected grantmaking efforts—and how they will try to catch up. The reshuffling could mean delays of 4 months or more for some applicants and a lot more work for some reviewers. And at least one academic researcher worries that the disruption could be career-ending.
At the National Science Foundation (NSF), the shutdown forced the cancellation of 98 review panels involving 811 scientists, acting NSF Director Cora Marrett told reporters during a teleconference today. “They will all have to be rescheduled,” she said, but the agency isn’t yet ready to provide details.

At the National Institutes of Health (NIH), officials canceled more than 200 peer-review meetings involving thousands of scientists and more than 11,000 applications. Because the shutdown fell smack in the middle of one of the agency’s thrice-a-year review periods, many peer-review panels will now meet early next year.

NIH describes its plan, which officials had hinted at earlier, in this notice posted late Friday and in this blog post from NIH extramural chief Sally Rockey. “Due to the shut-down timing, it is extraordinarily complex to reschedule all these deadlines and reviews,” Rockey writes.
To catch up, NIH has moved October due dates to November, and those who had submitted during the shutdown have the option to “refresh” their application.


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