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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Guidance on Resumption of AHRQ Extramural Activities Following the Recent Lapse in Appropriations

Notice Number: NOT-HS-14-001
Key Dates
Release Date: October 24, 2013
Related Announcements
Issued by
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (http://www.ahrq.gov/)
This Notice is to provide AHRQ’s extramural community with information on how AHRQ is resuming operations after the government shutdown. AHRQ intends to follow NOT-OD-14-007  "Revised Guidance on Resumption of NIH Extramural Activities Following the Recent Lapse in Appropriations".
eRA Systems Availability
eRA systems are now operational and available for use by the applicant/grantee/reviewer community.
Rescheduling October Application Due Dates
  • All October 2013 grant application due dates for AHRQ Program Announcements have been rescheduled as follows:

Activity Code
Original Due Date
New Due Date
R01s, (New)
October 5
November 12
Ks (New)
October 12
November 12
R03s and R21s, (New)
October 16
November 18
 R36s (New and  Re-Submission)
November 1
November 18

  • November grant application due dates will not change, with the specific exception for R36 applications noted above.
  • Grants.gov will continue to accept applications for funding opportunity announcements with October closing dates, even if those dates have passed.
  • These applications will proceed to the February/March 2014 review without any action from the applicant.  
Rescheduling Peer Review Meetings
The shutdown required AHRQ to cancel previously scheduled study section meetings.  These meetings have now been scheduled as follows:
  • Healthcare Systems and Value Research (HSVR) will convene on October 31, 2013
  • Healthcare Effectiveness and Outcomes Research (HEOR) will convene on October 28, 2013
  • Health Care Research Training (HCRT) will convene on November 1, 2013
  • Healthcare Safety and Quality Improvement Research (HSQR) will convene on October 23-24
  • Healthcare Information Technology Research (HITR) will convene on October 31- November 1
Award ActionsAHRQ anticipates beginning to release awards sometime after November 1.
As necessary, AHRQ will provide the health services research community with additional guidance on the resumption of extramural activities.
Please direct all inquiries to:

Gerald E. (Jerry) Calderone, Ph.D.
AHRQ Referral Officer
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
Telephone: 301-427-1548
Email: Gerald.Calderone@ahrq.hhs.gov

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