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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Scholar Awards in Complex Systems Science (Scholar Awards-CS)

McDonnell Foundation, James S. (JSMF)
21st Century Science Initiative
Studying Complex Systems Program
Upper  $450,000USD
$450,000 can be paid in three $150,000 payments; funds expendable in no less than 3 and no more than 6 years) to allow investigators to pursue and develop new directions to their research programs. Scholars who do not fully expend the funds in 6 years will have the opportunity to request a 1 time no-cost extension of up to 2 years, but unless there are mitigating circumstances to justify prolonging the grant period the grant will be terminated and unexpended funds returned. It is JSMF's intent that Scholars expend the funds to pursue aresearch program within the 6 year time period. Scholar Awards-CS are one-time support. JSMF is unlikely to award more than 8 Scholar Awards-CS each year. 
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Ph.D./M.D./Other Professional
Citizenship or Residency
Activity location
The JSMF Scholar Awards program derives from and is consistent with JSMF's commitment to supporting high quality research and scholarship leading to the generation of new knowledge and its responsible application. The JSMF Scholar Awards are designed to support research with a high probability of generating new knowledge and insights. Prior to applying prospective applicants should review the description of complex systems science used for the purposes of this call for proposals. In general, JSMF receives many more proposals than it can fund. Research projects outside the Foundation's described area of interest will not be funded. 
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Eligible Scholar Award principle investigators must have completed all doctoral, postdoctoral, or fellowship training and hold an independent research position. James S. McDonnell Scholar Awards are not intended to serve primarily as career development awards - the intent is to allow creative researchers to pursue important research. It is anticipated that successful Scholar-Award applications will have principle investigators between 5 and 15 years post Ph.D.

This is an international program.

Researchers with current grant support from JSMF are not eligible to apply to the foundation for continued support of ongoing research. If a grantee's current funds have been fully expended and a final grant report has been received and approved by the foundation office and the proposed project represents a newresearch direction, the individual may initiate a new proposal following all posted guidelines. Please note: prior JSMF funding is considered as a discriminator in the review process.

JSMF funds internationally. Applications must be sponsored by a nonprofit institution as defined by Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Tax Code.

There are no restrictions on the number of submissions that may be sponsored by a particular institution. However, considering the small number of grants awarded each year the foundation does ask that institutions limit sponsorships to proposals meeting both the letter and the spirit of the foundation's application guidelines.

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows are not eligible to serve as principle investigators for 21st Century Research Awards. Principle investigators must have completed academic training and hold a position compatible with the pursuit of independent research. At most institutions this requirement corresponds to individuals at the assistant professor level and above. When senior scientists serve as principle investigators the proposal must describe, in detail, how they (and not only their research assistants and postdoctoral fellows) will use the requested funds to pursue research building on but departing from ongoing work in their laboratories.

Applicants submitting proposals to the 2013 Research Awards will not be eligible to submit proposals to future JSMF Research Awards competitions until 2016. 
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  • Operations Research
  • Biological Sciences
  • Economic Development
  • Climatology
  • Government Studies
  • Technology
  • Computer and Information Sciences
  • Biodiversity
  • Epidemiology
  • Demography
  • Nonlinear Dynamics
  • Mathematics
  • Climate Change
  • Technology Planning or Policy
  • Energy Sciences
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Computer Modeling
Upcoming Deadlines
What's Due
13 Mar 2014
Full Proposal
Sponsor deadline - required
15:59 CT deadline. Apply online beginning February 15.

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