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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Accepting Applications for Early Career Fellowship Awards


(Please note: completed applications and CDs/DVDs/USB flash drives must be in our office by 4:00 pm (ET) on the deadline—NOT simply postmarked by the due date.)
Application due on or before:Degree conferred between*:Joined Sponsor’s Lab on or after:Selection meeting date:Award begins first day of:
August 15, 2013October 15, 2012-August 15, 2013October 15, 2012November 8, 2013January, February, March or April 2014
March 17, 2014April 15, 2013-March 15, 2014April 15, 2013May 9, 2014July, August, September or October 2014

*Include a copy of the diploma to confirm date of conferral.

Program Description

The Foundation encourages all theoretical and experimental research relevant to the study of cancer and the search for cancer causes, mechanisms, therapies and prevention.
Candidates must apply for the fellowship under the guidance of a Sponsor—a scientist (tenured, tenure-track or equivalent position) capable of providing mentorship to the Fellow.  In addition to aiding in the planning, execution and supervision of the proposed research, the Sponsor’s role is to foster the development of the Fellow’s overall knowledge, technical and analytical skills, and capacity for scientific inquiry.  The Sponsor is also expected to assist the Fellow in attaining his/her career goals.
Awards are made to institutions for the support of the Fellow under direct supervision of the Sponsor.  Candidates who have already accepted a postdoctoral research fellowship award are not eligible.

The primary criteria used to evaluate applicants are:

  • the quality of the research proposal (importance of the problem, originality of approach, appropriateness of techniques and clarity of presentation)
  • the qualifications, experience and productivity of both the candidate and the Sponsor
  • the quality of the research training environment in which the proposed research is to be conducted and its potential for broadening and strengthening the candidate's ability to independently conduct innovative and substantive research.  The proposed research and training environment should represent a new opportunity for the candidate to expand his/her scientific skill set.  Direct extensions of the candidate's graduate work (in approach, technique or exact area of study) will not be funded.
Damon Runyon Postdoctoral Research Fellowships are granted for a three-year term with second- and third-year funding contingent upon satisfactory progress reports.  Fellows in their first- and third-years of funding will attend Damon Runyon Fellows' Retreats designed to foster collaboration and interaction between scientists working in different fields relevant to cancer.  Click here for more information on Damon Runyon Fellows' Retreats.
All fellowship awards are approved by the Board of Directors of the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation acting upon the recommendation of the Fellowship Award Committee (FAC).

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