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Monday, June 17, 2013

NIBIB Biomedical Technology Service Centers (P30)

NIBIB-supported Biomedical Technology Service Centers (NIBIB P30 Centers) ensure that independently-funded NIH investigators working in a targeted area will have access to biomedical technologies and expertise that are not widely available.
NIBIB P30 Centers must serve investigators from multiple institutions outside the applicant institution and are expected to be regional or national in scope. 
Resources available in a typical NIBIB P30 Center could include, but are not limited to, specialized shared instrumentation, customized algorithms, novel tissue/organ engineering platforms or open bioinformatics systems.
NIBIB P30 Centers will not support independent scientific research or unfunded pilot studies, except for limited development of novel technologies that support the NIBIB P30 Center service mission (see "Technology Service Cores" section). 
NIBIB will not support P30 Centers that focus on a specific disease, and will not support P30 Centers that involve clinical trials or patient services.
NIBIB will not support P30 Centers that overlap with pre-existing facilities at the host institution.
Consistent with their function to help the community gain access to these resources, NIBIB P30 Centers should engage in dissemination activities.
If appropriate, NIBIB P30 Centers may also engage in training activities.
NIBIB P30 Centers shall consist of one Administrative Core and one or more Technology Service Cores.   
The Administrative Core coordinates the different components and activities of the NIBIB P30 Center including training and dissemination, etc.
Technology Service Cores are shared facilities that provide a needed service to investigators outside of the NIBIB P30 Center, enabling them to conduct their funded individual research projects more effectively. 
Each Technology Service Core shall have an associated Research Base component consisting of projects that will utilize the Technology Service Core. Investigators using the Technology Service Cores (i.e., the "Research Base") are expected to have highly-regarded existing biomedical research programs funded by NIH Institutes or Centers, other Federal Agencies, or other nationally or internationally-recognized funding sources.
NIBIB P30 Centers have an External Advisory Committee (EAC) that advises the Program Director/Principal Investigator on current operating procedures and future directions for the NIBIB P30 Center.
Because extensive planning is required in preparing NIBIB P30 applications, prospective new applicants are encouraged to discuss their plans with the relevant NIBIB Program Directors (refer to http://www.nibib.nih.gov/Research/ProgramAreas) well before the application is prepared.

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