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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Scleroderma Foundation Seeks Letters of Intent for Collaborative Research Projects

A New Scleroderma Foundation Research Funding Initiative

Request for Proposals

Title: Collaborative Scleroderma Research
Purpose: The purpose of this RFP is to solicit applications for collaborative basic, translational or clinical research projects involving two or more Scleroderma Foundation Centers at different institutions. For definition of a Scleroderma Foundation Center, please see the criteria listed at the end of this document*.
Goal: The goal of this RFP is to support and enhance collaborations between two or more Scleroderma Centers to advance significant research on scleroderma. The project must clearly state the proposed impact and significance of the research.
Budget: Applicants may request up to $500,000 for 2 years. A detailed budget is required. No major equipment (> $5,000/year) will be considered. Travel is restricted to one trip per year between Centers. Desktop computers are only considered if used for projects requiring database information and analysis. Indirect costs cannot exceed 8% and are included in the total of $500,000.
Eligible institutions/investigators: Institutions with Scleroderma Foundation Centers are eligible to apply. Non-domestic institutions are not eligible to apply.  Investigators conducting Scleroderma research and with the skills necessary to successfully direct and complete the proposed research are eligible as Principal Investigators.  Scleroderma Foundation Centers with ongoing or new collaborative efforts are eligible to apply as long as the collaboration project used in response to this RFP is a) new and b) not funded by other sources. The application on behalf of the collaborative centers should be submitted from one primary institution and have a lead principal investigator.  Additional principal investigators should be listed as site PI’s only. Administration of funds and submission of financial and progress reports are the responsibility of the applying primary institution.
The project cannot overlap with any currently funded Scleroderma Foundation research grant by any of the investigators.
Number of applications:  Primary and site Principal Investigators may not submit more than one multi-center Scleroderma collaborative application in any one funding cycle. However, Principal Investigators may apply for regular Scleroderma Foundation research grants on an unrelated project.

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