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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

SNPRC Pilot Research Program

Southwest National Primate Research Center (SNPRC) Pilot Research Program
2013 Summer/Fall Competition
Important Dates/Timeline
Letter of Intent (LOI) deadline 06 September, 2013
LOI decision (invitation to submit application) 12 September, 2013
Complete Application deadline (if invited) 04 October, 2013
Reading/Review phase completed 28 October, 2013
Scientific review meeting TBD: 01-08 November, 2013
Administrative review of recommended studies One week following review meeting
Earliest funding start date 01 December, 2013
The SNPRC Pilot Research funding program provides opportunities and support for
investigators to use SNPRC nonhuman primate resources in highly focused, short-term studies
with a high likelihood of enhancing the value, utility, feasibility, and attractiveness of nonhuman
primates for biomedical research. High priority will be given to studies that propose to generate
preliminary data for applications to the NIH for support of future research projects. Those
proposing to develop new nonhuman primate models of disease, or develop and/or test new
research methods, instrumentation, or approaches for biomedical research using nonhuman
primates, also will be considered responsive to the goals of the program.
• Applicants must be doctoral level investigators holding a faculty position at an accredited
research institution and eligible to apply for and receive an NIH supported grant in aid of
research. Postdoctoral scientists are not eligible to receive SNPRC Pilot Research Program
• Applications from investigators who are not SNPRC Core Scientists must have an SNPRC
Core Scientist as a sponsor. The SNPRC sponsor will ensure that the research can be
done at the SNPRC, and assist the investigator with the IACUC application and other
administrative and logistical details, including progress reports. A list of SNPRC Core
Scientists can be found at the SNPRC web site.
• All research activities related to the use of nonhuman primates must be conducted atthe
• Pilot research funds may not be used to provide interim or extended support for extant
projects funded by other sources.
• Total direct costs of a pilot research project may not exceed $100,000.
• The maximum duration of a pilot research project is two (2) years.
• Funds awarded in support of pilot research may be used for SNPRC goods and services.
o Animals and animal care costs (including per diem)
o Animal research procedures conducted by SNPRC personnel
o SNPRC-provided laboratory services
• Funds awarded in support of pilot research may not be used to cover costs of supporting
laboratory personnel, supplies, or work carried out at off-site locations.

Requests for additional information or clarification may be made to the Leader of Pilot Research Program, Dr. Michael C. Mahaney (see contact information below).

Thank you!

With best regards,
Michael C. Mahaney
Michael C. Mahaney, Ph.D.
Scientist, Department of Genetics
Core Scientist, Southwest National Primate Research Center
Texas Biomedical Research Institute

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